Personal schedule optimizer (

Site that allows you to input your tasks then maximizes your impact given your deadlines and appointments, and syncs your optimized schedule to Google calendar.

WizWeek is composed of three main components, all of which are open sourced on GitHub.

  • wizweek-web is an AngularJS single page application for itself. It interacts with Google API's to do the authentication and calendar synchronization.
  • wizweek-scheduler is a Go web service that does the schedule optimization using a linear program that it calls via golp, my Go wrapper for the LPSolve C library.
  • wizweek-api is a Python Flask RESTful API that allows to store tasks and settings data in the Google Cloud Datastore.

Ruby "undefined method" checker

Ruby code analysis gem that combines smarter verifying doubles, reflection and dynamic type sampling to combat NoMethodError. Ruby gem source

Go wrapper for LPSolve C library

Go bindings for LPSolve, a Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solver. Go source

Dockerized Postgres S3 backup script

Docker container to run a cron job to do a daily backup of a Postgres database to S3. Bash source | Docker hub link

Business mileage tracker (Ruby + Android)

Proof of concept system to use Android phone location data and Google calendar event descriptions to generate an online trip log.

Android source | Ruby on Rails source | Demo screencast |Staging site